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week 9 day 1

Harper, Introduction to Radical Graphics

How is “good” design defined in this piece? How is “radical” design defined? What are five characteristics of radical design?

What is the “common aesthetic and philosophy” that Harper claims unites “radical” designers?

What is the “perplexing peril” that each artistic revolution faces, as claimed by Harper?

Find a graphic/visual/image you would define as “radical” using Harper’s description, or your own criteria for what you would identify as “radical” design.

Heller, “Cheapskate Design”

Heller describes graphic design, in the early years of the profession, as a “cheapskate profession” (29). Can you think of any currently emerging professions you might label cheapskate?

How do you think computers change—or don’t change—the cheapskate approaches Heller describes?

Is less more?

Did or has the “amateurish” contempt of conventional beauty associated with Punk get usurped? Borrowed? If so, when and by whom?

cheapskate design



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