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week 5 day 1

Spiekermann & Ginger, “Type is Everywhere”

Look at the typeface used for the print versions of the Lansing State Journal and the State News. What “personalities” are conveyed through the typefaces?

How does design “work” in newspapers? What does it need to do?

Choose one type of product (e.g., bread, wine, toilet paper). Take a look at the various packages or wrappers. Do the typefaces used share any aspects in common?

paper towels

Heller, Introduction to Typology

Art and design critic Beatrice Warde called type “the voice of the page.” Pay close attention to the typefaces at work on the pages below. What sorts of voice do you hear on the main/splash pages of the sites below?

irs www.irs.gov 50 cent www.lilwayne-online.com/
godiva www.godiva.com negativland www.negativland.com  
altoids www.altoids.com westelm www.westelm.com  

In what ways is type influenced by fashions and trends? Culture and history?

Find a typeface you would argue is “universal.” Find a typeface you would argue is meeting a “specific ephemeral aesthetic.” Find a typeface that you would argue is meant to be read. Find a typeface that you would argue is meant “to be experienced.”

What are the three characteristics that Heller argues have historically governed type design?


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