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week 4 day 1

Dobrin, Keller, and Weisser, Chapter 2: "Rhetoric and Technical Communication"

What do the authors mean by "exigency?" What's the relationship between exigency and purpose?

What are some of the audience analysis considerations the authors mention? Take a look at the IKEA 2011 Annual Summary: http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/about_ikea/facts_and_figures/yearly_summary.html What audience considerations does this report/summary attend to?

ikea summary

Take a look at the sample email on page 35. Respond to the authors' prompt: In what ways might the writer gain or lose credibility with this email? What are two suggestions you have for enhancing the author's credibility?

Schriver, “The Impact of Poor Design”

Define and explain the following notions from this chapter:

  • productivity paradox
  • creeping featurism
  • problem space
  • Akihabara syndrome

What suggestions are offered in the chapter for producing better documentation?

Williams, “The State of Our Ballot”

Williams argues that there is low design awareness in the U.S. Can you think of another relatively common thing--like the ballot--whose design is paid little attention to?

What does Williams identify as “design for the greater good?”



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