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week 3 day 2

Davis, "The Elements of the Page"

Choose two of the adjectives Davis uses to describe document designs (i.e., technical, youthful, aggressive, natural, juvenile, and prestigious) and find an example document for each.

Create a list of five adjectives you would use to describe each of these document designs:

layout 1   layout 5
www.un.org/secureworld/brochure.pdf   1.bp.blogspot.com/_5fbzUQcoFPg/TDAsUow8mjI/
layout 2   layout 7
www.knutgrafisk.com/wp-content/uploads/raygun2.jpg   www.uriahduffy.com/interviews/RockinformArticle2008.jpg
  layout 8
www.ftc.gov/reports/dneregistry/report.pdf   www.donolsen.com/Graphic%20Design/Print%20Layouts/
layout 4   layout 9


Cullen, "Structure and Organization"

Choose two of the documents linked above and identify the underlying grid for each.

What do grids do? How can they be put to use by document designers?

Find an example design where the artist/author has deliberately "broken" the grid.


Lynch and Horton, Chapter 7 from Web Style Guide, "Page Style Guide"

What are three design variables that make web-based documents more complex than print-based documents?

What is alternate (or "alt") text? Why is it important for digital/web/screen content?


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