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week 2 day 2

Chapter 1: “Practices of Looking: Images, Power, and Politics”

What is the difference between seeing and looking?

On page 13, the authors note that “language and systems of representation do not reflect an already existing reality so much as they organize, construct, and mediate our understanding of reality, emotion, and imagination.” What do the authors mean by this claim? What are they arguing?

How is Magrite’s painting an argument about the relationship of words and things?

What do the authors mean by the “myth of photographic truth?”

What are the denotative and connotative meanings in the visuals below? (click to enlarge)


Why is it that the authors argue that Time magazine’s darkening of the OJ mug shot was an “ideological choice?”

What’s the relationship between the argument Magrite makes in his painting and the work of Saussure (discussed on p. 28)?




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