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“If writers and graphic designers are to create documents that take readers seriously, they will need a more detailed view of readers than they have now--a view which allows them to imagine readers other than themselves actively engaging with words and pictures” (Schriver, p. 3).

“Document design is the field concerned with creating texts (broadly defined) that integrate words and pictures in ways that help people to achieve their specific goals for using texts at home, school, or work” (Schriver, p. 10).

Schriver, “What is Document Design?”

Can you think of a situation where a set of instructions or other documentation for a product (e.g., medicine, software) frustrated you? How did you feel? What did you do?

What are some of the effects of poorly designed documents?

What does Schriver argue designers and writers need to do a better job of when creating documents?

What are some of the reasons Schriver gives that make it hard to define document design?

What is an “information landscape?” Would you describe www.msu.edu as an "information landscape?" Why or why not?





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