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Amy DeRogatis is Associate Professor of Religion and  American Culture.  She has taught at Michigan State since 1998.  DeRogatis teaches courses about Religion in the United States and Religion, Sexuality and Gender, as well as REL 101:  Exploring Religions.  She has received national recognition for excellence in undergraduate teaching of Religious Studies.  DeRogatis’ first book:  Moral Geography:  Maps, Missionaries and the American Frontier (Columbia, 2003) has been reviewed in Religious Studies and American History journals.  DeRogatis' next book, Women and Religion in the United States Since the 1960s will be published by Columbia University Press. She is the author of numerous essays on religion and American culture. DeRogatis is at work on a third book, Saving Sex: Sexuality and Salvation in American Protestantism. Her most recent article from this project, “What Would Jesus Do?  Sexuality and Salvation in Protestant Evangelical Sex Manuals, 1950s to the Present” can be found in Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture  (March 2005). 


Amy DeRogatis, Ph.D.
Religious Studies Department
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Michigan State University
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