Dr. Dirk Colbry joined Michigan State University in 2009 as a research specialist within the Institute for Cyber Enabled Research. At iCER, Dr. Colbry helps the MSU community utilize Computational Infrastructure in research, through classroom instruction, one-on-one consulting and research collaboration.

An alumnus of MSU, Colbry has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and his principle areas of research include machine vision and pattern recognition (specializing in scientific imaging), and high performance computing. Dr. Colbry collaborates with scientists from multiple disciplines including, Engineering, Zoology, Mathematics, Statistics and Biology. Recent projects include research in Image Phenomics; developing a commercially-viable 3D face verification system; adapting pattern recognition processes for tire engineering; and exploring uses of face processing to help individuals who are blind in social interactions. Dr. Colbry has taught a range of courses in computer science, including microprocessors, artificial intelligence, compilers, and courses in programming and algorithm analysis.