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Maley, Alan & Alan Duff Drama Techniques for Language Learning CUP, 2nd ed, 1986 NAC: The drama teacher's bible: comprehensive collection of teaching techniques, activities and ideas.
Graham, Carolyn Jazz Chants OUP NAC: Hugely popular series of books and tapes/CDs for teaching pronunication, intonation and everyday langauge.
Graham, Carolyn Jazz Chants Small Talk OUP NAC: A real gem - a selection of speech acts from daily conversation (greetings, introductions, encouragement, apologies, etc) set to well-known jazz standards.
Spolin, Viola Improvisation for the Theater Northwestern UP, 3rd Ed, 1999 NAC: A guide for drama teachers and directors. Excellent sections on 'getting into the role.' Useful.
Gerard Finger, Alexis * The Magic of Drama NAC: Excellent step-by-step guide to a variety of ESL Drama activities. Perfect for teachers without a theatre background.
Burke, Ann * & Julie O'Sullivan * Stage by Stage Heinneman, 2002  
Gianetti, Louis Understanding Movies Prentice Hall CP: This is a very popular and readable Intro. to Film textbook, with good chapters such as  Acting (stage vs. screen etc), Drama (sets, costumes, 
etc.) and Sound (dialogue, subtexts, etc.) It's a good resource for Drama on screen: watching clips of movies and analyzing them is useful. 
LeBeau, Charles & David Harrington Getting Ready for Speech Language Solutions, 2003 NAC: Independently published beginner's guide to public speaking, written originally for Japanese junior high schools. Fun, clear and well written.
Fleishmann, P I am a Phoenix (1989) & Joyful Noise (1992) Harper Collins JOS: Poems for two voices. Some of them can be quite challenging to perform as the timing has to be right between the two people, but they are lots of fun. You can have individual students reading each part or do them as choral voices with the class split into two groups. 
Skinner, Edith Speak with Distinction GC: A book which has many drills to work with the sounds of English.  It also has tapes which my students work with and practice with. 
Carkin, Gary* Ten Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom Looking for a publisher!  

Quick notes : * = Member of TESOL-DRAMA; U.P. = University Press; CUP = Cambridge UP; OUP = Oxford UP
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Reviewers' Names
Reviewers' Names
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Poetry Alive!
JOS: There is a very interesting company called Poetry Alive! in Asheville North Carolina that travels to schools across the country to perform poetry and to do student and teacher workshops. They are really fabulous. They also have a couple of books / audio cassettes on their website.
Creating Drama with Poetry
AY: "The technique employs a multi-sensory approach to language acquisition by involving second language learners physically, emotionally, and cognitively in the language learning process." (abstract)
A Guide to the Theory of Drama
AY: A great piece on drama.
NAC: Rather technical but detailed explanation of terms used in performing and studying drama.

Reviewers' Names

Reviewers' Names
Nigel Caplan (NAC), Michigan State University, MI, USA
Gary Carkin (GC), Southern New Hampshire University, NH, USA
Chris Parkhurst (CP), Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, MA, USA
Julie O'Sullivan (JOS), Indiana University, IN, USA
Aiden Yeh (AY), National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
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