Welcome to the Black Student Alliance website!

      It is our pleasure to welcome you to a very exciting year. However, before one can know where they're going you have to know where you've been. BSA was founded in 1969 in the basement of Robert Green's home during a time of racial turmoil and social unrest. Since then, we have been the organization on the front-line of the Black student community. As Black student activism has evolved through years of sit-in demonstrations, protests, boycotts, and study-ins, the Black Student Alliance remains at the forefront of Black student issues and concerns. As an alliance, we serve the vast array of Black students here on campus, which helps build a family and a community of a related people with a particular commonality--being a Black student at a predominately white institution.

As a Black student, you are already part of the BSA family!

Against all odds we have excelled, and they tell us that according to current graduation and retention rates, "The brotha' or sista' sitting to the left and right of you will not be here next year." Our main objective is to provide the needed tools to our fellow Black students so that they may reach the ultimate goal of GRADUATION! Through our collective efforts we bring bi-weekly meetings, programs, rallies, speakers, and other educational venues to build a large collective of students armed with the knowledge of self and the world, so that they may grow and flourish in the world as self-determined critical-thinkers.