The effectiveness of a package design is driven by three things: the design, the user and the environment in which the interaction between the design and user occurs. MSU researchers are attempting to develop methodologies to understand the influence of design on visual perception. Click here for more information.
Universal Design
Universal design is concept developed by researchers at NCSU, led by Ron Mace. It is the idea of designing for all users without the need for adaptation or specialized designed. Researchers in the Packaging HUB are working to apply these principles to package designs and disseminate learnings to industry.The Universal Package Seminar Series
The Packaging HUB is partnering with Dr. Tamara Reid Bush, a Mechanical Engineer who specializes in Biomechanics, to quantify the physical interface between people and packaging. By coupling kinetics and kinematics, we hope to eventually create designs that encourage optimal use of bones and muscles as an approach to enhanced utility.
Medical Packaging
The Packaging HUB research team has drawn a lot of attention with regard to its new methodology for whole package microbial challenge testing. We also partner with Dr. Robb Clarke of the School to research implementation of auto ID into the supply chain. Click here for more information.