We have lessons with professional coaches once every three weeks. Professional lesson fees are included in member dues. Please check the “Dues” page for more details. Other lessons held during the week are taught by highly qualified students. Please check the “Calendar” to see the upcoming lesson schedule.


Our coaches for American Smooth and Rhythm are Trish Stuckey and Jonathon Welley. Visit them in Ann Arbor at Footnotes!

Lesson Prices

Lesson costs are included in members’ dues. If a non-member wishes to drop in for a lesson, the cost is $10. We ask that non-members come to the lesson that is appropriate to their level of expertise.

Lesson Etiquette

We ask that you follow the rules below in order to facilitate a productive learning environment for fellow students and a respectful environment for our coaches.

  1. Appropriate dress is required – NO JEANS.
    a. Men and women: Bring appropriate footwear (i.e. smooth shoes for a smooth/standard lesson or rhythm shoes for a rhythm/latin lesson).
    b. Men: dress pants or latin pants.
    c. Women: skirts appropriate for the lesson style (i.e. skirts above the knee for rhythm/latin or skirts below the knee for smooth/standard).
  2. No side conversations or general goofing around – we are here to learn, and it is very difficult to concentrate when someone is describing in hilarious detail how they shot their chemistry professor with a spitball that morning!
  3. Be punctual – punctuality is a sign of respect, and we owe our fabulous coaches that respect. Please, do your best to be on time.
  4. Be prepared – practice material from previous lessons during team practice time. Without preparation, we cannot move on to new material.

If you violate one of these rules, you will receive a warning from an executive board member. If you receive three warnings, you will be asked to no longer attend professional lessons until you can prove to the executive board through your attitude at team practices that you are ready to attend professional lessons. Thank you for your cooperation!