Mission Statement

“Creating a culture of successful competitive and social ballroom dancers.”

President's Welcome

Ballroom dance is wonderful for many reasons: it provides a safe and fun social environment in which to meet and dance with new people, it is a sport and therefore a great way to stay in shape, it is a beautiful art form, and it provides a course in music appreciation and recognition, among other great benefits. Social skills gained by participating in a team setting, and more importantly, by working closely with a partner to achieve a common goal, will follow the dancer through their whole life. However, beware! Once you start dancing it is difficult to stop!

Collegiate ballroom dance teams are a unique and affordable way for students to learn about ballroom dance. At the non-collegiate amateur and professional level, competition entry fees, lesson prices, and costume costs, among other expenses, can total to thousands of dollars. It is our mission to create an environment in which students can afford and experience this incredible activity. Any and all donations to the team are appreciated and will be applied to competition travel fees, hotel fees, competition entry fees, and team dues. Please click on the “Support” tab if you would like to help us out!

MSUBDT exists because we are a group of students who love to dance. Please peruse our website, and more importantly, come to our lessons! We would love to meet you and dance with you.

Thank you!

Eric Fuller
President - Michigan State University Ballroom Dance Team