Q: Do I need dance shoes in order to participate?
A: No! Come in comfortable shoes that you can move around in easily and will not scuff the floor. Eventually, you will probably want to purchase dance shoes, but that decision will come in due course.

Q: Do I need dance experience in order to join the team?
A: No! Most of the team had zero dancing experience of any kind before joining MSUBDT.

Q: Can I join the team and not compete?
A: Yes, but you will want to! Competitions can seem intimidating, but they are very fun and a great opportunity for team bonding.

Q: What do I wear to competitions? I canít afford to spend money on an elaborate costume.
A: For girls, any dress, be it a past homecoming or prom dress or even something from the thrift store, usually works just fine. A leotard paired with a short or long skirt is also an economical and effective choice. For guys, all you need are dress pants, black shoes, black socks, and a black and white button down shirt. Easy and cheap!

Q: How do I find a partner?
A: Dance with everyone. Seriously. Spend some time dancing with everyone on the team and decide whom you can best work with. It is okay not to partner with someone immediately! However, it is very important to your success as a competitor to eventually have a permanent partner.

Q: How much time would I have to commit?
A: In terms of dancing time, as much as you choose. Of course, we would love to have you for every practice, lesson, and event, but we realize that everyone has a busy schedule. Your dancing will only improve with practice, and we work hard to create an environment that makes you want to come to practice and improve. In terms of fundraising time, members are required to raise $40 worth of fundraising money, which equates to about one three hour event.