Dues cover lessons with professional coaches, subsidize competition entry fees, and help pay to rent space for practices and lessons, among other expenses. Dues are prorated according to the level of the dancer. New members (with a few exceptions) are Pre-Bronze level dancers.

  • Pre-Bronze - $50
  • Bronze - $60
  • Silver/Gold - $70

Your first two weeks are completely FREE!

Payment Plans

If the cost of dues and other dance expenses is too much all at once, donít worry! We offer a payment plan that allows you to pay week by week. You will simply owe $15 a week, and pay off leftover fees by the end of the semester. Please speak to our treasurer for more details.

Please note: there is a $5 late fee on each late payment.

Pay online!

Please note there is a 2.5% cost increase when paying with card.

Newcomer Early Bird dues ONLY apply if this is your first semester on the team.

Newcomer Early Dues from MSU Ballroom Dance Team Bronze Dues from MSU Ballroom Dance Team on Square Market Silver/Gold Dues from MSU Ballroom Dance Team on Square Market