Curricula & Level Placement Materials


Below is the most recent edition of the Michigan State Ballroom Dance Team constitution. Updated 8/19/13.

Our curricula (which is just the plural form of curriculum) are determined by working with our coaches and following the DVIDA and International Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) syllabi for American and International styles, respectively.

Level Placement Materials

All team members will participate in a placement audition at the beginning of each semester. Auditions are not required for pre-bronze. During the year, if a member feels that they are competent enough in the curriculum for their current level, they may audition for a higher level. This audition may take place at any time. The candidate will dance with a specified partner of a higher level in order to judge the quality of purely the candidate and not the confounding variable of their dependence on their partner. All auditions will be judged by the executive board. If a member does not audition successfully, they must remain in their current level until they successfully place into a higher level.

Please click this link to see our American curricula and level placement materials

Please click this link to see our International curricula and level placement materials