Meet The Board

The executive board is the behind the scenes team who keep MSUBDT up and running. Without them, there would be no coaches, no lessons, no practice space, no t-shirts, and none of the other innumerable little things that make a dance team function. This page is dedicated to their recognition, and to their efforts to make the team run like a well-oiled machine.

Eric Fuller
International man of mystery (his father is Canadian and Nancy Drew was his favorite book series growing up), Eric is a junior in his third year on the team. He is a Human Biology major, but has been considering switching to “Undecided” as he feels it would better help him fulfill his life-goals. His greatest achievement to date was landing a role in “Crazy, Stupid, Love” as Ryan Gosling’s body double. Eric is a walking, talking, fire-breathing champion of fake confidence, but deep down he knows his swagger is just insecurity masquerading as confidence. Though he loves cracking jokes and having fun, he knows how to buckle down and get things done when it’s time to be serious.
Vice President
Linnea Hodson
Linnea Hodson is a junior this year, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Marketing. She started her dance training in ballet in Grand Rapids more than fifteen years ago. Linnea is able to shoot purple lasers out of the tips of her fingernails. She's extremely excited for her third year on the team, and to have a place as the team's vice president. When school is not in session, Linnea fills her time by teaching dance in northern Michigan. She teaches a beginner ballroom dance class once a week and runs the dance and performing arts section of Shady Trails Camp. Her and the former secretary, Elena Winberry have never been seen in the same room together, and may actually be the same person.
Meg Kargul
If you see Meg, offer her sugar.
Dan Totzkay
Dan is a second-year PhD student in the Health and Risk Communication program. He has been involved with the MSU Ballroom Dance Team for almost three years, now. Dan loves teaching ballroom and latin, making amazing friends through dancing, and continuously furthering his own knowledge of ballroom and latin dancing. Dan is always available for any questions relating to the team, dancing, or just life, in general!
Curriculum Chair
Nicole Markovic
Nicole is a senior majoring in Interior Design. She has been ballroom dancing since Fall 2011 and had nine years of dance experience prior to attending MSU. One of her favorite things to do besides dancing is studying languages. She has studied Serbian, Spanish, German, and is currently focusing on French. Nicole plans to continue dancing while working towards eventually obtaining a Ph.D. Ballroom dance is something that will always be a part of her life. Nicole loves traveling, yoga, tea, Christmas, and classic films. She is also terrible at writing bios for herself.
Competition Chair
Racheal Kneebone
Currently recovering from an accident, Racheal is taking a break from studying food science. Since joining the Ballroom Dance Team, Racheal has adopted most of the team to her ballroom family. She’s trying to convince her parents to let her go to every competition this semester, even though she won’t be dancing, because she loves the team and the dancing. During her week in rehab she convinced two of her therapists to learn basic cha cha!
Community Outreach Chair
Mitch Alpiner
Mitch Alpiner is a transfer senior from Oakland Community College, holding an Associate's Degree in Vocal Music performance. When not studying Digital Media and Information, he can be found ballroom dancing. Mitch has no prior ballroom experience, but has quickly taken a love to Jive since he joined MSU Ballroom in Fall 2013. In his free time he builds computers, makes terrible puns, holds the title of "Resident DOTA 2 addict", volunteers at gaming conventions, and photoshops Erc Fuller into interesting situations.
Fundraising Chair
Jason Graham
Jason Graham, commonly found clothed in something superman bearing, came to MSU ballroom in the fall of 2014. He came as a Biosystems Engineering major ('17) with no dance skills and now has a dance partner that has enough skills to share. He hopes to help the team grow and develop as a positive atmosphere and a fun learning experience as he has found and always willing to do what he can to help others find a similar ballroom experience. Favorite dance - Quickstep
IT Chair
Mcith Aneilpr
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Social Chair
Jessica Urch
Jessica Urch is a sophomore this year and is majoring in Psychology. She has always enjoyed dance as a part of her life mostly consisting of jazz and hip hop styles. Coming from Rochester, MI to MSU was exciting but different, and becoming apart of the Ballroom Dance Team helped her expand her love for dance. Being on the team for only one year has proved to be successful so far. Jessica also loves hot beverages, bonfires, popping bubble wrap/anything stupidly entertaining, and anything fluffy with a small body. It's Jess.
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Kelly Morrison
Dr. Morrison is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication. In addition to being the MSUBDT advisor, she is also an Honors College advisor. She has a background in dance (ballet, tap, and jazz) and gymnastics. She was also a gymnastics coach and a choreographer. She is very excited to work with MSUBDT this year and is looking forward to some great dancing!