Program Requirements

Academic Scholars must complete the following requirements during their first two years at MSU:

One Honors course or section in Integrative Studies.
To fulfill this requirement, the class must have the course code IAH, ISB, ISP or ISS.  No Honors Options in regular Integrative Studies courses, nor alternative track course (for example, BS 110, LB 171, MC 201 or RCAH 201), can count toward this requirement.

Three additional Honors experiences (course, section, option).
You may use any Honors course or section of 3 or more credits (but not more than two Honors Options, each of 3 or more credits) to fulfill this requirement.  Common choices include an Honors course/section in Integrative Studies, WRA or other Tier I writing course, math or statistics, a course required for your major or an elective.

Academic Scholars who complete all four required courses by the end of their second year at MSU and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the end of those two years will be recognized as participants in the Academic Scholars Program in the Commencement Program, on their diploma and on their transcripts.