Selected Presentations from Ashton Shortridge's CV

Terrain Analysis

A. M. Shortridge and A. Arbogast (2008) Spotting the Rockies from Kansas: Reconstructing Miocene Viewsheds with GIS. 104th Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. Boston, April 15-19. - PDF

A. M. Shortridge (2004) Quality assessment of Shuttle Radar Topography Mission digital elevation data. Third International Conference on Geographic Information Science. College Park, Maryland, October 20-23. Slides - PDF, Paper - PDF

Modeling Spatial Uncertainty

A. M. Shortridge, J. Messina, S. Hession, and Y. Makido (2006) Towards an ontologically-driven GIS to characterize spatial data uncertainty. 12th International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling 2006 (SDH06). Vienna, Austria. July 12-14. Slides - PDF, Paper - PDF

S. L. Hession, A. M. Shortridge, and N. M. Torbick (2006) Categorical models for spatial data uncertainty. 7th International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences (Accuracy 2006). Lisbon, Portugal, July 5-7. - PDF

Spatial Stats

A. M. Shortridge (2005) Mote in Moran's I: Assessing the Limits of the Autocorrelation Index for Raster Class Maps. GeoComputation 2005. Ann Arbor, Michigan, August 1-3. - PDF

A. M. Shortridge (2004) The uneasy marriage of geography and statistics: uncertain terrain and cancerous clusters. Michigan State University Statistics colloquium series. East Lansing, Michigan, November 9. - PDF

GIScience Pedagogy

A. M. Shortridge and J. Moy (2007) Recrafting the graduate GIS degree: evolving Michigan State's MS-GIScience program. Association of American Geographers East Lakes Meeting. East Lansing, Michigan, October 20. - PDF

A. M. Shortridge and J. P. Messina (2005) Geographic information science degree programs at Michigan State University: progress and new developments. IMAGIN Annual Conference. Dearborn, Michigan, May 2-4. - PDF

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