Some Home-Rolled Code

This is academic, research-grade code (read, not robust, probably buggy, and almost surely not designed for what you may want to use it for). I am releasing it in hopes it will be useful, but I make no guarantees That said, mostly I think it's pretty good, at least at what I needed it to do, and I'm relatively good about documenting code.

R-script for a version of vgram.matrix (fields library) that handles NA values. I needed to calculate variograms for an image with some NA values in it. It turns out the handy fields function vgram.matrix() doesn't deal with NAs. This script defines a new function, vgram.matrix.NA, that is 99% the same as the original but does do NAs. vgram_matrix_NA.R

R-script for normal score transforms Want to make your data normal? That's easy. Maybe you want to convert some pretty bell-shaped distribution back to your data's narsty shape? Well, that's not trivial, but if you are interested in this, here's a script with functions that might be useful. nscore.R

R-script for a weird projection In fall 2007 I developed a logo for a conference MSU Geography was hosting. I wanted a perspective view of East Lansing, Michigan. I ended up hitting John Snyder's projection reference pretty hard and developing the following sorts of images in R:

Vertical Perpective Projection Centered on East Lansing, MI, USA
This code has some useful things in it if you want to do something similar in R. However, it's mostly a script, not a clean piece of production code. You might want the great lakes coastline data too, if you want to reproduce the example. el.R, Great Lakes shoreline coordinates

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