Visiting Adjunct Associate Professor
Michigan State University

Antoinette WinklerPrins, Ph.D.
Director for Environmental Studies
Johns Hopkins University
1717 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Room 104T
Washington D.C. 20036

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Amazon Dark Earths

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Research Interests

My research interests sit at the intersection of human and physical geography. My training at the undergraduate level was in urban geography, but at the Ph.D. level gravitated more toward physical, especially soil geography and geomorphology. My minor was soil science (pedology). I describe myself as a cultural/ political/historical ecologist working on issues of landscape transformation and changing livelihoods. I am most interested in how people have and continue to transform their landscapes as they continually adapt and adjust both themselves and their environment to changing socio-economic circumstances.

Examples of research projects:


Background Narrative

My interests in geography began at a young age. As the daughter of a Dutch foreign service diplomat with parents living in different corners of the world, I spent much of my youth staring out of airplane windows wondering about the patterns below. I was lucky enough to attend British and Canadian schools were geography was taken seriously. The walls in my girlhood room were covered with National Geographic maps.

I graduated from the United Nations International School in NYC, having completed extensive IB credit in anthropology and biology (ironically that school did not offer geography!). At the University of Michigan I was one of the last Geography majors in 1983. I proceeded immediately to Urban Planning, obtaining a M.U.P. in 1985 with a specialization in International Development. After graduating in 1985 I tried out the real world and worked a number of jobs, including being the Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Ann Arbor, an Associate at Community Systems Foundation, a Regional Planner in Connecticut, and a manager of a Williams-Sonoma store. After a cross-country bicycle trip in 1989, I recommitted to the academy and have been there since.

I chose the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and proceeded with coursework for a master's and then a Ph.D. in Geography with a minor in Soil Science. My dissertation was completed in 1999 under Karl S. Zimmerer and is entitled, Between the Floods: Soils and Agriculture on the Lower Amazon Floodplain, Brazil.

In January 2007, I became a naturalized U.S. citizen.




Current Graduate Students

Jess WinansM.S.

Jess Winans
Place-based education in Michigan.

Jess is the Director for eLearning at the University of Montana Western.


Former Graduate Students


Gary SchnakenbergGary Schnakenberg
"What is a Farm? Agriculture, Discourse, and Producing Landscapes in St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica."

Gary is now the Undergraduate Advisor and an Instructor in the Department of Geography at Michigan State University.

Courtney GallaharCourtney Gallahar
“Livelhihoods, Food Security and Environmental Risk: Sack Gardening in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi, Kenya.”

Courtney is now an Assistant Professor of Geography and Women's Studies at Northern Illinois University.

Bilal Butt and Dr. Antoinette WinkerPrinsBilal Butt - Completed 12/07
"Grazing on the Edge: Competition, Conflict and Socio-Ecological Complexity in Pastoralist Herding Strategies around the Maasai Mara National Game Reserve, Kenya."

Bilal is now an Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Michigan.


Trilby MacDonaldTrilby (MacDonald) Becker - Completed 12/09
"Urban-rural migration, livelihood change, and cultural identity among smallholder populations in Western Pará, Brazil."

Trilby is now a farmer near Ann Arbor, MI, and runs a Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) farmshare.


Meleia Egger - Completed 5/07
"The Role of Community Gardens in Maintaining and Enhancing Social Capital, Lansing, Michigan."

Meleia is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Malawi) and now works as a Peace Corps Recruiter for the Mid-Atlantic Region and is based Washington, DC.


Jess (Kidder) LaPorte - Completed 12/06
"The Existence of Difference in Participation between Residents and Non-Residents in Community Recycling Programs on Northern Michigan Tourist Islands."

Jess is now the Chief Creative Officer at Felt Earth Farm in Montpelier, Vermont.




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Articles and Chapters:

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