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PhD: Michigan State University


Department of Sociology

316 Berkey Hall


Research Interests

  1. Gangs

  2. Youth Culture

  3. Community Development

Selected Publications

Courses Taught

  1. Taylor, Carl S., Hwang, E., & Zimmermann, C.R. 2008. “Social Support and Delinquent 

    Attitudes: Testing the Effects of Illegitimate versus Legitimate Sources of Social

    Support on the Delinquent Attitudes of Inner-City Black Male Juveniles.” The Journal

    of Police Science, 8 (2): 163-190. Korea

  1. Taylor, Carl S. 2008. “Single Parents: Outreach Engagement, Education, and 

    Prevention.” Multicultural Approaches to Family and Community Violence

    Prevention: A National Perspective. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishers.

  1. Kalof, Linda and Carl Taylor. 2007. “The Discourse of Dog Fighting.” Humanity &

    Society Special issue on Social Justice and the Animal Question, 31: 319-333.

Dr. Curtis Stokes

Dr. Carl Taylor

  1. Criminology

  2. Youth and Society

  3. Comparative Urban Theory

  4. Youth Violence

  5. Violence in Communities