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Courses at Michigan State University

    ISB208L: Integrative Studies in Biological Science (Laboratory Instructor)-Spring 2014

     Non-majors course that explores fundamental concepts in biology, particularly as they apply to a range of local- and global-      scale contemporary issues. Activities include original investigations, data collection and analyses, creative problem-solving,            and evaluation of information in the media. 81 students.

    ZOL890 (Graduate): Evolutionary Biology for Non-Life Scientists (Co-Instructor)-Fall 2013

    Graduate course co-taught at MSU and over teleconferencing software at the University of Idaho. Course is structured in three     modules: 1. Genotype to Phenotype, 2. Mechanisms of Evolutionary Change: Change Within Populations, and 3. The     Consequences of Evolutionary Change. Course contains several group projects as well as peer review and science writing for     general audiences. 5 graduate students. *Won the 2014 AT&T-MSU Faculty Ė Staff Award Competition in     Instructional Technology, Best Technology-Enhanced Learning Innovation Award*

    ZOL341 (Online): Fundamental Genetics (Graduate TA)-Summer 2013

    Principles of heredity in animals, plants and microorganisms. Classical and molecular methods in the study of gene structure,     transmission, expression and evolution. 210 students.

    ISB202 (A Gates Foundation Massively Open Online Course): Foundations of Science(Graduate Fellow)-     Spring/Summer 2013

    Basic science course open to the public for learning how to see, speak, act, and think like a scientist. Covers Physics, Chemistry,     Psychology, Geology, Biology. Thousands of students. Watch a video about the course on Youtube!

    ZOL415: Ecological Aspects of Animal Behavior (Graduate TA and Discussion Section Leader)-Fall 2012

     Advanced topics in the ecology and evolution of animal behavior, including foraging, predator-prey dynamics, mating, and      parental care. Combined course of lecture and 2 literature-based, student-led discussion sections critically assessing primary      literature research design and theoretical frameworks. 28 students.

    CSE891 (Graduate): Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Evolution (Graduate TA)-Spring 2012

     Interdisciplinary course between computer science, engineering, and natural sciences on research methods used in evolution.       20 graduate students.

    BioSci162: Organisms and Populations (Graduate TA)-Fall 2011, Fall 2012

     Covers the basic principles of genetics, evolution, and population dynamics critical to understanding organisms and                           populations. 131 students; 173 students.

    BioSci172: Organismal Biology Laboratory (Laboratory Instructor)- Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012;                             Spring 2013 (Curriculum Development)

    Genetics, fundamental statistics, and biological variation units, using both in natural and digital organisms. Designed a 5-week     unit on Animal Behavior (Courtship and Aggression in Crickets) specific to my sections. 32 students; 48 students; 18 students.

Past Courses at the Georgia Institute of Technology

    School of Biology Student Assistant (Grading TA, Introductory Genetics)- Fall 2009, Spring 2010

    Fundamental Genetics course. Tutoring and grading of exams/quizzes for a course of approximately 40 students.

    GT1000 Freshman Introductory Course: Biology Major Section, Team Leader (~TA)- Fall 2007, Fall 2009

    Introductory course to the biology program at Georgia Tech. Classes are subdivided into groups of 10-15 first-year students.

German and ESOL Teaching Experience

    American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages: German Teaching Certification- Fall 2009

    C-Trains Cultural Connections (Munich, Germany): Crash Course English (TA)- Spring 2009

    Preparing Adult students for English entrance exams to return for their Bachelorís and/or Masterís degrees