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Long-Term Ecological Research in Row Crop Agriculture (KBS-LTER) (NSF-DEB) - Ecosystem Services research theme

Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Agriculture (NSF-LTER Workshop, October 2005)

Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) (US Dept of Energy) - Sustainability

Linking Biological and Economic Models of Biofuel Production and Environmental Impacts (GLBRC-EBI workshop, November, 2008)

Soybean Aphid in the Northcentral U.S.: Implementing IPM at a Landscape Scale (USDA-RAMP) - Economics of Soybean Aphid Control newsletter (December 2006)


Outreach web sites

Be Spartan Green - Environmental Stewardship at MSU

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems at Michigan State University -- Economic Analysis of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems


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