Articles/ Variants/ Spare Parts for Avalon Hill's STARSHIP TROOPERS game

(1976 edition; based on Robert Heinlein's Sci-Fi novel - not to be confused with the 1997 game based on the more recent movie)



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Photocopies of articles from "The General" magazine, and homemade counters:

All articles (43 pages), homemade variant counters and playing aid for $16.00, includes shipping within the US.

Volume 13 no.6: Ad, Digressive examination; Solitaire troopers; Scenario Tourney-3; Saga of the Bug War; Contest and solution, Design article, FAQs, "Letter to the Editor" response. (14 pages). Includes color printout of board overlay for scenario T3.

14-5, Of Bugs, Beams, and Breaches (3 pages)

15-1, Mission Scenarios (4 pages)

15-5, Scenario Eight: Search & Destroy; "Letter to the Editor" response (2 pages)

16-5, Blood and Guts Starship Troopers; "Letter to the Editor" responses (7 pages)

15-6, Scenario 4.1/2: Skinny Civil War (1 page) Requires the variant in issue 13.6. (see above). Includes a copy of a scenario card created for this article.

17-4, Bug Forts and Terran Tanks (1 page; includes a small set of counters for the tanks and forts)

20-4, Play-by-mail system; Contest and solution, Alone against the Bugs (solitaire system) "Letter to the Editor" response (6 pages).

21-3, Skorch the Skinnies (3 pages)

23-1, Assault on a Queen (2 pages). Includes a copy of a scenario card created for this article, and counters for the BOS devices mentioned in the article.

EXTRA: Copy of two pages of proposed 2nd edition rules by Paul Bolduc titled "A New STARSHIP TROOPERS - A Preview" (downloaded from the web)...and an unpublished scenario titled "The Skinnies stand alone", which pits Humanoids versus Arachnids, and uses all the Skinny counters provided in the game.


Also included are nice homemade color replicas of the counters used for the variant article "Saga of the Bug War" (vol 13-6) and for new units mentioned in the article "Skinny Civil War" (vol 15-6, which builds upon the rules in the aforementioned variant). Add the Heavy Weapons Brigade, Neodogs, K-9 Troopers, and "Psychological Bombs" to your games. Included are the "terran loyalist" Skinny troops, printed in light blue to distinguish the loyalists from the Arachnid-controlled Skinnies. (If you want an extra sheet of the homemade counters or just the counters by themselves, the price is $1.00, which includes shipping within the US)

The counters (over 100) are computer generated with 600 DPI and printed at a professional printer in color on a single sheet (player will have to paste counters onto posterboard and cut counters apart), see picture at right for the whole sheet plus closeups of some counters.

Also included is a COMBAT LOCATION CHART. The chart is an 8 x 10 inch colored sheet of paper, with six "Battle Boxes" lettered A-F, and comes with six bright green Battle Location Markers (uncut unmounted counters), also lettered A-F. Place a Battle Location Marker in a stack's hex, then move the stack to the corresponding box on the chart. You now have room to sort out the units, and when the battles are resolved, you can place the units in the proper hex and remove the marker.

Photocopy of original variant counters:


Color copy of the sheet of 62 counters from issue 13-6. Very nice quality on semi-gloss paper. Very close reproduction of original counters. The complete set of counters includes: 42 Recruit markers, 4 neodogs, 2 complete Heavy Weapons Brigades (4 vehicles each), 1 terran spaceship, 1 arachnid spaceship, and 6 arachnid missiles.

$1.00 for this unmounted sheet; price includes shipping within the US.

MISSING PARTS? I have some extras I can sell for those of you wanting to complete your games. These are generally used, but in good condition. Prices include shipping in the US.

Rulebook: All out of originals....photocopy only. $5.00

Map: Used, but no markings or tears. Individual sections are loose, not connected with tape - choose from either black or tan backing. $7.00

Charts page: Used, but generally unmarked and untorn. $2.00

Counters: Punched. $5.00 for entire terran or alien set.

Control sheets: 10 cents per original sheet.

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