Farm Financial Management


updated 2012 Michigan Dairy Farm Business 
Analysis Summary (pdf)
Milk Cost of Production   2013 (excel)
updated logo   2015 Custom Machine 
and Work  Rate Estimates
  (05-8-15) (pdf) 
updated 2012 Michigan  Cash Grain
Business Analysis Summary
Hog Cost of Production (Excel ) 
Measuring Financial Performance by 
Dr. Laurence M. Crane    (pdf)
2011 Michigan Dairy Farm Business 
Analysis Summary (pdf)
Beef Cost of Production (Excel)
Agriculture Risk Management 
Dr. J.  Roy Black's  web page
2011 Michigan  Cash Grain
Business Analysis Summary (pdf)
Alternate Crop Cost of Production  (Excel)
updated MSU Farm Land Value & 
Farm Land Rent Survey 2014

PA 116 informational links 2005 Michigan Dairy Grazing  Farm Business 
Analysis Summary    (pdf.) 
2015 Crop Budget Simulation Template    vs 8.15 (excel)     (pdf)
2015 Crop Budget Machine Cost    vs 8.15     (excel)       (pdf)
Land, Building & Machinery Rental Agreements 2005 Michigan Swine (Farrow to Finish) 
Business Analysis Summary    (pdf.) 
2014 Crop Budget Simulation Template -   vs 04.14 (excel)          (pdf)
Pricing Corn Silage Standing Field 
Worksheet - Stein 
2005 Michigan Feeder Steers Business 
Analysis Summary    (pdf.) 
2014 Crop Budget MachineCost  vs 04.14     (excel)  (pdf)    
Pricing Corn Silage factsheet - (pdf file)
from the University of Wisconsin Extension
2005 Michigan Tree Fruit Business 
Analysis Summary    (pdf.) 
2013 Crop Budget Simulation Template (pdf)
2013Crop Budget-MACHINE COST  (pdf)
Staff Paper by Dr. R. Black & Dr. S. Rust: 
Guidlines for Pricing Corn Silage & Earlage
from Immature Corn -
Dairy Farm Business Analysis Workbook   (pdf.) 2012 Crop Budget Simulation Template (pdf)
2011 Crop Budget Simulated Template  (pdf)
2010 Crop Budget Simulated Template (pdf)

Crop Farm Business Analysis Workbook  (pdf.)
Irrigation partial budget template  
Swine Farm Business Analysis Workbook  (pdf.) Crop & Livestock Enterprise
Balance Sheet template   (excel)  
Build your own financial statement
Fruit  Farm Business Analysis Workbook   (pdf.)
Cash-Flow template    (excel)
Build your own cash-flow statement
Vegetable Farm Business Analysis Workbook  (pdf.)


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