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Saginaw Valley District Farm Management Educator, Dennis Stein

My goal is to offer support to clientele regarding issues such as:   Farm Financial Management, Farm Business Planning, Tax Management, Custom Work Rates & Machine Costs, Cost of Production, Budgets, Estate and Transition Planning, Commodity Marketing and Human Resource/ Labor Management.

Farm Business Financial Management
(Information on Land Rent, Commodity Budgets, Risk Management issues)
Crop & Livestock Enterprise  Budgets
2013 Crop Budget Simulation Template vs 03.13 (excel)
2013 Crop Budget - Machine Cost Simulation Template vs 03.13 (excel)
       Farm Business Plan
2014 Crop Budget Simulation Template  vs  11.13  (excel)  (pdf)
2014 Crop Budget - Machine Cost Simulation Templage  vs 11.13 (excel)  (pdf)    
      Commodity Marketing        2014 Custom Machine and Work Rate Estimates Dec.2013 (pdf)
                 2012-13  Custom Machine and Work Rate Estimates  (2-1-13)(pdf)
 Land Rent and Land Purchase  Rental Arrangement, worksheets and information related to land
2013- 2008 USDA Farm Land Rental Summary for Select Counties 
           NASS-USDA survey       updated
2013 MSU Farm Land Value & Farm Land Rent Survey       updated        
  Irrigation System Capital Budget   (excel)(pdf)
      Human Resouces - Labor Issues

       Estate  & Farm Transition Planning 

updated Oil & Gas Leasing Information for Landowners
updated Wind Energy and Landowner Info Wind Farm Leasing & Development

              Landowners Consideration in Leasing for a Windfarms, (pdf)  Osecola Co. 1/2/14  
      Pricing Immature Corn Silage & Earlage
      Black, Rust & Stein    Aug. 2013                                                      

MSU's  Agriculture, Food and Resources Department 
  Annie's  Project              New for 2013
Farm business management for women engaged in agriculture or part of farm families.
MSU Extension Portal page
     Tax Info and Tax planning & management informationfist of money
     2013 Tax Issues & Changes Webinar link:
Telfarm Year-end Planning Schedule

Telfarm Finan - Business Analysis Schedule

 2014 Crop Enterprice Cost Changes- Ag Credit Conference, Nov. 4, 2013-(Presentation pdf)
                            District Farm Business & Risk Management programs             

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2013 Mid- Michigan Crop Report (5.8 MB pdf file) Gratiot, Clinton & Isabella Counties
2013 TARE Field Trials ( 9.1 MB pdf file) Huron, Lapeer, St. Clair, Saginaw, Sanilac & Tuscola Counties

link to Michigan State University's State Variety Trials webpage -

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 Dennis Stein
District Farm  Business  / Risk Management
Extension Educator

362 Green Street
Caro, Michigan 48723-1998

phone:  (989) 672-3870 
    fax:   (989) 673-5953 


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