Ohio Abortion Laws

     Ohio, like Pennsylvania and Missouri, is a state that has been very active in passing post-Roe abortion regulations. Several test cases have come out of this state's efforts to "push the envelope" in terms of what degree of governmental control the Supreme Court will allow. As a result, it's statutes are exemplary of the kind of abortion laws that can be encountered across the country. Below are the statutes that comprise the heart of Ohio's regulatory scheme:

Ohio Revised Code

§ 2919.11 - Definition of abortion.

§ 2919.12 - Unlawful abortion. (Bans abortion w/o informed or parental consent)

§ 2919.13 - Abortion manslaughter. (Essentially an infanticide provision)

§ 2919.14 - Abortion trafficking. (Bans the sale of fetal/embryonic tissue)

§ 2919.15 - Performing unlawful abortion procedure. (Bans Partial-birth abortion)

§ 2919.16 - Definitions.

§ 2919.17 - Terminating or attempting to terminate human pregnancy after viability.

§ 2919.18 - Failure to perform viability testing.

§ 2151.85 - (Judicial by-pass to Parental Consent law [§ 2919.12])

§ 2505.073- (Appeal of denial of by-pass)

§ 4731.91 - Abortion; liability. (Conscience provision)

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