Clinton Co. Trivia

The Elsie cheese factory takes in 70,000 pounds of milk
a day, from which 17 cheeses are made.

[Clinton Republican 28 August 1884]



Who are we?  Are you related to us?
    Where did we live?

The Archive of the Clinton Co. Historical Society is hoping you might know this family.  We have a number of unidentified photos and hope someday to have a name for every face.  Please e-mail the genealogists if you have any information.


Bell Davis
Alice Moore
Frances Palmer
Eli Warstler


Anna Ryan
Jessie Strickland

Ida Andrews
M. Allida Strickland
Carlie Ward
Loie Wilkinson

Hattie Boyd
Charles Babcock
James Butler
Mary Davies
Alice Nichols
Cora Stout
Fred Stansell

Anna Chapin
John Fildew
Edwin Lyon
Carrie Paine
Michael Ryan
Hattie Strickland
Ida Shepard
Herbert Thompson
Addie VanSice

Cora Brainard
Addie DeClaire
William Dunn
Elmer Gorsuch
Alice Maxam

Louisa E. Cook
Ida M. Lyon
Sara H. Pouch
Frank Vauconsant
Wilbur C. Wright

Nellie Bunday
Lilibel Clark
Fred Hawley
May Mathews
James Skinner
Ezra Smith

Chester Greene
DeWitt Hunt
Jennie Lapham
Mary Loomis
Dolly Morse
Anna Morse
John Upton

A. D. Baldwin
Nellie Curtis
Henry Freeman
Belle Smith

Hattie R. Brainard
John C. Dooling
Lizzie L. Gibbs
Myrtle F. Hart
Mary D. Hunt
Lucy E. Perrin
George Petrie
Cora H. Robinson
Ellen Ryan
Robert G. Steel
Anna E. Stephenson
George W. Thompson

Brownie Bromley
Esther Clark
Nellie H. Fleagle
Etta J. Fildew
Louis D. Gibbs
Rosetta Kellogg
Ota M. Lake
Maud A. Metz
Grace A. McDonald
Edna C. Spaulding
Alberta M. Stevenson
Cara A. Stevenson
Carrie I. Turner

Nettie L. Davies
Addie E. Dean
Martin D. Hubbard
Lena A. Hunt
Ella L. Perrin
Janie Petrie
John Petrie
Ralph Sage
Lena E. Sage
Ola Shaver
Hattie Vreeland

Fred M. Aikin
Louis B. Allison
Ada J. Cochrane
Charles N. Cowles
Amy E. Deane
Minnie M. Goodes
Luna V. E. Halsey
Ida M. Sanford
William A. Smith

Edward L. Dooling
Ella M. Eaton
Henry F. Gibbard
Anna M. Henderson
Lemuel G. Holbrook
Sherrill M. Holt
H. Loretta Kenyon
Marguerite A. Kinmond
Leonard S. Loomis
N. May Moreland
Alex K. Petrie
S. Henry Wilbur

Estella E. Baker
Belle G. Bladwin
Susie C. Durkee
Grace P. Hunt
Charles F. Knapp
Jennie L. Maxam
Joseph R. Mountain
Zylpha Shaver
O. L. Spaulding
Ora Travis
Florence Wilson

Leah I. Fowler
Margaret A. Kelly
Robert McFarlan
Marie G. Olcott
Henrietta Richards
Roy M. Sperry
Eva L. Walker
Stella M. Wolcott

Frank P. Buck
Madge Bunday
Phoebe E. Denton
James O. McQuistion
William Moss
Myra B. Sperry
Nora E. Wandel

Ethel Ash
Leora Chapin
Austin Cowles
Ralph Cowles
Winifred Daboll
Gertrude Dooling
Paul Jamison
Alexander Kinmond
Albert Kipp
Bertha Lyon
George Richardson
Nelson Root
Amelia Seibert

Robert Buck
Louis Henderson
Clara Hope
Loa Krepps

Richard E. Baylis
Carolyn A. Butler
Lucia K. Fry
Frank W. Knapp
Bessie A. Pulfrey
Gertrude S. Pulfrey
Wm. L. Shulters
Flora B. Sperry
Millie A. Tows
Saidee V. Woodruff

Lena M. Bailey
Cora L. Collins
Elizabeth E. Graham
Alberta M. Hall
George R. Holmes
H. Glen Holmes
M. Agnes Hope, Eng.
Edna E. Hugus
Alice S. Kelly
Eugene A. Livingston
Frances A. Nelson
Harry G. Padley
Harry H. Pouch
Paul G. Seibert
Thomas M. Spaulding
G. Glen Steel
Anna W. Taber
Theodore H. Townsend
Fred B. VanGieson

N. Marie Blanchard
Frances M. Church
Grace Emmons
Glenn Hathaway
M. Agnes Hope, Sci.
Katharine McFarlan
Fred Nichols
Edgar B. Rice
Berenice Skinner
Cally Smith
Ella Smith
Ada L. Sturgis

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To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain perpetually a child. For what is the worth of a human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?

- Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 B.C

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