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4/6/06 - Gambling: Self Assessment for Student-Athletes
4/6/06 - Gambling: Top 15 Warning Signs
3/27/06 - NCAA authorizes summer drug testing
8/29/05 - Banned drug information
8/29/05 - Student-athletes confront complex product names and labels in effort to know supplements
7/20/05 - New drug-testing regulations take effect August 1, 2005

2013-2014 Monthly Education Topics
September -
Welcome Back, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Use of Tobacco Products, Academic Fraud, Gambling, Employment
September - Recruiting Contacts with Prospects, Social Networking Websites, Use of Outside Consultants, Parking Reminder
September - Countable Athletically Related Activities, Student Host, Complimentary Admissions
October - Promotional Activities, Employment
October - Awards and Benefits
November - Social Networking Websites and National Letter of Intent Signing, Promoting Local Businesses
December - Continuing Eligibility and Unattached Competition
January - Parking Reminder, Social Networking Websites, Countable Athletically Related Activites, Recruiting Contact with Prospects
January - Extra Benefits and Awards
February - Tobacco and Employment
February - Agents and Amateurism (MFB, MBB, WBB, MBA, MIH, MSO)
March - Nutritional Supplements, Promotional Activities
March - Occasional Meals, Social Networking Websites
April - Employment, Awards and Benefits

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