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Elyse Packard, our Spirit Coordinator was the Honorary Coach at the Michigan State Baseball game on Tuesday, April 8th against Central Michigan. She threw out the first pitch and followed it up with a backhandspring at the mound. Thanks for all you do Elyse!

Results from previous years at UDA Nationals Competition:
2014- 11th in Jazz
2013- 10th in Jazz
2012- did not compete
2011- 6th in Jazz
2010- 7th in Jazz & 8th in Hip Hop
2009- 8th in Jazz & 14th in Hip Hop
2007- 11th in Jazz & 9th in Hip Hop
2005- 11th in Jazz & 8th in Hip Hop
2004- 8th in Jazz
2003- 4th in Jazz
2002- 3rd in Jazz (there was no Hip Hop division at this time)

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