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Big Ten Banner Notecards

Big Ten Banner Notecard
These Notecards were created from the image of the Big Ten Banner created in by the MSU Community Club Quilt Interest Group. The eleven-pointed star banner represents the eleven universities of the Big Ten with their university colors and pins, inspired by the Biennial Big Ten Women's Conference.


The cards cost $10 for a package of 10 cards or $5 for a package of 4 cards or $1.50 for a single card. The proceeds from the sale of the cards goes into the MSU Community Club Endowed Scholarship Fund.


To request information about how to purchase these cards, please send an email to NOTECARDS.



Big Ten Banner Quilting Kit

The designer of the eleven-pointed star Big Ten Quilt Banner has created a 70-page book of instructions for construction of the banner, a fabric kit and a pin collection which are for sale.


Here is an order form for purchasing any of these items:

Big Ten Banner Kit

Cover of Big Ten Quilt Banner Book

Big Ten Banner Book Cover Back