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January 2008

Opportunities and Issues in Michigan’s Dairy Industry?

Dean Ross
Extension Dairy Educator

Kathy Lee
Extension Dairy Educator

Mike McFadden
Extension Dairy Educator

Vera Bitsch
Dept. of Agricultural Economics

Ted Ferris
Dept. of Animal Science

MSU Extension Dairy Area of Expertise Team needs your input to help determine what research and educational efforts to pursue in the coming years. It has been 10 years since we surveyed producers and dairy industry professionals in Michigan. Since then, a great deal of change has taken place. We are conducting this survey to better understand what current and emerging issues and opportunities are important to you. Our efforts are being supported by industry partners including Michigan Milk Producers Association, Greenstone Farm Credit Services and Dairy Farmers of America, as well as with competitive grant funding from MSU Extension.

The Survey will be delivered to dairy producers and industry professionals including veterinarians, feed industry representatives and consultants, by the U.S. Postal Service in February 2008. Our objective is to have everyone who receives the survey complete and return it in the accompanying self-addressed envelope.

Why should you participate? We used the results of the 1997 survey to prioritize MSU Extension dairy education efforts and research projects including those funded through the Michigan Animal Agriculture Initiative at Michigan State. A new assessment of our industry is important to do, considering how the industry has changed.

Your input will help us focus limited resources on the opportunities and issues that can affect the future of Michigan dairy businesses, your community, and the sustainability of the Michigan dairy industry. Your input will help us better serve you.





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