Corrections and Update Notes

Mistakes are inevitable, but we will attempt to list corrections as we make them and to highlight other minor changes as they occur.
When the correction or change includes a hyperlink, we have provided additional information or background on that item.

Date Correction or change
20 May 2010 Numerous corrections and additions in the family of Claud Clayton Lamb. (Thanks to J. C. Self)
27 April 2010 Corrections and additions in the family of Daniel Burford Lipsey. (Thanks to D. L. Hatch)
15 September 2009 Added the will of Arthur Lipsey (1794) to the "Wills and Documents" page under "Special Topics." Added Jasper M. Caswell to the list of veterans.
14 July 2009 John Clarence LIPSEY's date of death corrected.
29 July 2004 Mamie Roxanna DAVIS' name has been corrected (finally!).
23 May 2004 It is James H. LIPSEY, Jr., (not III) who is a minister of the Gospel.
26 December 2000

The father of Hamilton Mae GORE was Thomas Silas GORE, not James Thomas GORE.

  (Thanks to Gary and Melba Clay Gore for this correction.)
7 October 2000 Thomas NOBLE's birthplace was believed to be Leicestershire, England. However, this information cannot be documented. His place of origin is now in question.
7 October 2000 Seth A. GUNN was thought to have died in 1883. His death date is now in question.
7 October 2000 Jennie M. (PERRY) GUNN was b. in Missouri on 2 September 1840, not in Indiana in 1846.
7 October 2000 Etta ("Dietta") (GUNN) PARKS died at age 66. She was born in 1865, not 1866 (as originally stated). She passed away on 24 October 1931 in Portland, MI.
7 October 2000 Augusta (KRATZKE) PATZKE did pass away "AFT 1935," as previously stated, specifically on 29 July 1946 in Milwaukee, WI.
7 October 2000 Louise (PATZKE) RESTOW did not pass away in 1977 but on 29 December 1978
26 September 2000 Daniel PATZKE's death was known to be "BEF 1925." He passed away 21 July 1921.
  (Thanks to Mrs. Lorraine (Restow) Guenther for the three preceding corrections).
9 March 2000 Seth A. GUNN was originally shown with wife "Matilida JACKSON." In fact, Seth married twice, first to Mary R. JACKSON and second to Clotilda A. HOOKER.
30 December 1999 Alice LOOMIS' last name was changed from LOOMIS (married name) to WARD (maiden name).
28 December 1999 George E. GUNN's place of death was corrected from Charlotte, Michigan, to Ann Arbor, Michigan.
27 December 1999 Solomon Salisbury GUNN was shown incorrectly in the 1850 Ashtabula County, Ohio, census as Solomon I. GUNN.
6 December 1999 The maiden name (NEWLAND) of Henry Howland's (b. 1605) wife was deleted because of a question about the source material.
  Lessie Ward WILLIAM's birthdate was corrected from 1901 to 1906.
4 December 1999 Mary Elizabeth DICKINSON's last name was confirmed (the alternative, DIXON, was dropped).
5 November 1999 Carlton (son of Edward R.) LIPSEY's name was corrected from Carson.
23 October 1999 Leatha Estelle Lipsey WEBB's first name was corrected.
9 October 1999 John S. LIPSEY (b 1844) is now listed as a son of Leonard B. instead of Lemuel G.
  (with thanks to John's great-great-grandson, Ed Wigley).
1 September 1999 Burrell G. GUNN's place of death was changed from Virginia to unknown.
  Lucy Ann GUNN was correctly placed with her parents, Alanson K. and Ann Cone Gunn.
20 August 1999 Katherine Babcock LIPSEY's first name was corrected from Catharine.
  Fidella HENDERSON's first name was corrected from Fidilia.
7 August 1999 John LUIKENS' date of death was corrected.
8 July 1999 Samuel B. LIPSEY's date of death and place of burial were corrected.
  Ella A. LIPSEY's date of death and place of burial were corrected.
  Conrad Glenn GUNN's birthdate was corrected and date of death was updated.