26 January, 2000

Roger Sherwood
Executive Director
The Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
8880 Ward Parkway
P.O. Box 8729
Kansas City, MO 64114

Re: 1999-00 Quarterly Report No. 3 for Group on Ethics and Humanities

Dear Mr. Sherwood:

It is my pleasure to present to you the annual report of the Group on Ethics and Humanities.

The STFM Group on Ethics and Humanities promotes education and networking of family medicine colleagues interested in the teaching of medical ethics and the humanities. At the 1999 STFM annual meeting in Seattle, the group met and discussed activities for the coming year.


At the meeting, there was discussion regarding the strategy of splitting the group into two groups, an ethics group and a humanities group, but ultimately those present agreed to keep it as one to facilitate the synergism achieved through collaboration. The group reaffirmed enthusiasm for promoting and sharing interventions for family medicine educators to teach effectively humanities and medical ethics. Participants discussed the need for evidence on interventions most effective for teaching ethics and humanities. The group voiced particular interest in exploring mechanisms for using the performing arts for the teaching of humanities and ethics.


In accordance with goals laid out by the committee at the spring conference, members have been working in several activities. First, the directory of members of the group was updated. Second, members wanted further development of ethics and humanities teaching guidelines and identification of more resources to guide the teaching of ethics and the humanities. Reference materials and websites have been identified and are available for interested parties. Third, the group has been working on the development of an ethics and humanities Web Page as a resource on ethics and humanities teaching in family medicine. We anticipate its formal launching prior to the Spring STFM meeting. Fourth, members of the group have used the ethics and humanities listserv and newletter for commuication and networking. Finally, in collaboration with the STFM palliative care and geriatrics groups, the Ethics and Humanities group is co-sponsoring a theme day on palliative care that has been accepted for the 2000 STFM Spring Conference.


We send our warmest thanks to past-chair of the group, Timothy Keay, MD, MATh, for his commitment and service to the group. Watch for the meeting times of the Ethics and Humanities Group in Orlando during the Spring STFM Conference. We look forward to your participation.

Michael D. Fetters, MD, MPH, MA, Cochair
Caroline Wellberry, MD, PhD, Cochair