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Cooperative Highly Accelerated Mathematics Program

Text & Calculators


Every CHAMP student will sign out a textbook for the year. Each student is responsible for taking care of it and returning the book in good condition at the end of the year. Parents will be responsible for reimbursing CHAMP for the cost of any book not returned in usable condition.


All students in CHAMP are expected to have graphing calculators available for use in class. The preferred calculator is the TI 83+. It is available from the MSU book store, as well as other stores. The price should be about $110 for the TI 83+.

Calculators and Algebra I Students:

The graphing calculators will not be used in class for the first three or four classes, so it is not urgent to obtain a calculator prior to the first class. In the first year CHAMP classes, graphing calculators will probably not be needed until late September or early October.


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