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Cooperative Highly Accelerated Mathematics Program

Monitoring Performance


While CHAMP does not issue grades until the end of each course, it is sill relatively easy for parents to have a good idea of how a student is doing. Almost every week, there are two "grades" issued, one for homework and another for either a quiz or a test. Homework grades usually correlate very well with test grades. Consistently poor homework grades lead to poor test grades. With quiz grades, the pattern over several quizzes is more important than any individual grade. The quizzes are essentially one or two question tests, so a single error or misconception can result in a poor grade. Parents should ask the students regularly, even weekly, to show them the specific scores on homework, quizzes, and tests. A vague response that "everything is okay" is not really informative, since very few students will admit to having difficulties until the situation is very serious. Parents should insist on being shown the actual papers and scores.


Unsatisfactory Performance:

If parents feel that a student's pattern of performance is not satisfactory and if it is not clear how to modify the student's preparation to bring this performance to a satisfactory level, then see Academic Issues and contact the instructor.


Mid-semester Confrences and Report:

There will be a mid-semester report sent to parents at approximately the mid-point of the semester, but this will not give a "grade" as such. The mid-semester report will consist of a checklist to indicate if everything is going well for the student. It will highlight any areas in which the performance of the student is not at a high level. Parents are invited to contact the instructor if there are any questions or concerns about this mid-semester report.


Consistency Over Time:

Parents should not be concerned with single low scores, provided that other scores are satisfactory. The student's consistency and average grade are much more consequential than are individual scores. If a pattern of low scores or dwindling performance appears, parents should talk to their student(s) or consult the CHAMP professor.


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