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Parking on Campus:

There are no spaces in the area immediately around Wells Hall for which "visitor parking" is legal during the day. In addition, ticketing for illegal parking on campus is extremely quick and efficient. If you plan to park and leave your car, use one of the pay parking lots designated for visitors. The pay lots nearest to Wells Hall are located to the north and the south of the football stadium. In an "emergency," where you may need to park your car for "just a minute," your best bet to avoid a parking ticket may be to put your car in the loading ramp at Wells Hall located directly opposite the smokestack. Although it is illegal to park a car there, your chances of getting a ticket are somewhat reduced, as allowances are made for cars and trucks making deliveries into the building. But to minimize your chance of getting a ticket by using the loading ramp, you need to be sure that you are not in the way of any vehicle wishing to enter or leave the loading area.


After 6 pm weekdays and on weekend:

Any car may park legally park at any legitimate parking space in the area near Wells Hall, or in any open parking lot after 6 pm on weekdays and any time on weekends. (Note: There are parking restrictions for special events.) .


Dropping off and Picking Up Students on Campus:

All CHAMP classes meet in the C-wing of Wells Hall -- this is the portion of Wells Hall that is nearest the Red Cedar River. There is a door to the C-wing of Wells Hall that is convenient from Red Cedar road, and dropping students off near this door should not present problems. However, please plan the after-class pick-up in a way that does not cause a traffic jam near this door. The road is one lane in each direction, and there may be as many as 40 cars picking up CHAMP students. Thus, you should not loiter near the door to the C-wing. There are several areas nearby where a car can "sit" for a few minutes without blocking traffic. Please scout these out and arrange for the student(s) you are picking up to look for you in these areas. Students will be let out at 3:30, so if you arrive for pickup before that time, please do not position your car in a way that will obstruct normal traffic.


Car Pools:

A list of all students expected to participate in CHAMP is available. If you wish to form a car pool, please feel free to phone the parents of students listed who either live near you or who attend the same school as your son or daughter. The list of students are grouped by the school they attend. It might be useful to look at the list of students from nearby schools and school districts when forming a car pool.


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