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Cooperative Highly Accelerated Mathematics Program


CHAMP Labs meet most Tuesdays and Sundays at the following times.

Tuesday: 7:15-8:45 pm C113
Sunday: 3:00-4:30 pm A304

Attendance at CHAMP Labs is optional, but many students derive real benefit from attending these labs on a regular basis.

Purpose Not Tutoring Behavior
Bring Tuesday vs. Sunday  


CHAMP Labs are intended to give students the opportunity to ask questions about portions of the CHAMP material that they may not fully understand. These questions may be very general or very specific. The help provided is usually individual help, although several students with similar questions may be dealt with as a small group. Another aspect of the labs is that they provide an opportunity for students to help each other; many students find that help from their peers is more effective than help they may receive from normal teachers or instructors.



Students at CHAMP Labs do not need to arrive with a list of questions, but they should have the intention of working on the CHAMP course material. Many students use the labs as a time allocated to do homework, with the bonus that help is at hand in case something is not understood.


Not Tutoring:

Please note: CHAMP Labs are not intended to become private tutoring. If several students have questions at the same time, the assistants conducting the lab are under instructions not to let individual or small groups of students dominate their time when others are waiting for help. Thus, the student with several questions may have to wait in turn to have a single question dealt with, and then wait again in turn to ask another question. (It is not possible to adjust the staffing to the number of students attending a particular lab.) However, virtually all questions do get answered eventually, even when attendance at a CHAMP Lab is high. Students with questions are advised to indicate clearly that they have questions, and then be patient until the assistants can get to them.


Tuesday vs Sunday:

Usually, the Tuesday CHAMP Labs are more crowded than the Sunday labs, so students who need more extensive help might do better to attend the Sunday labs.



CHAMP labs are intended to be informal, but students are expected to behave in a proper manner at all times while on the MSU campus. Those conducting the CHAMP Labs will expel those students not behaving properly from the lab.


Director: Kathee McDonald

186 Bessey Hall

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824-1033

Phone: 517-432-2129

Fax: 517-353-6464