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Local Districts Vary:

There is often some confusion when a local school district cancels classes due to weather. If such a thing happens on a Thursday, you should still assume that the CHAMP class will meet. Remember that a school district usually makes a decision to close school based on road conditions very early in the morning. Such roads are often cleared by the time transportation is needed to the CHAMP class. Usually, in bad weather conditions, a decision is made concerning CHAMP classes at about 10 am.


Personal Safety:

Even if CHAMP classes are held on a day of bad weather, those driving should not drive in conditions they consider unsafe! Thus, if your local conditions are so bad that driving students to the CHAMP class is unsafe, please do not risk it. It is far better for the students to be absent from class than to risk serious injury.


Cancellation Notices :

The best way to find out if CHAMP classes have been cancelled is to go to the class websites:


There will be a statement of cancellation posted if CHAMP classes have been cancelled. Also, an e-mail will be broadcast to each student's MSU e-mail address. Another choice is to call the CHAMP Office at 517-432-2129.



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