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Cooperative Highly Accelerated Mathematics Program

Academic Issues:


The instructor will make an effort to inform parents when serious issues arise with a student's academic performance. Issues become obvious to an instructor when a pattern presents itself. A single poor grade can often just be a "bad day." An instructor wants to be encouraging and not over-react to these isolated incidents; however, instructors see the students only one day per week. Parents may sometimes see signs that a student is having troubles long before a pattern becomes obvious to the instructor. This is a case where two or more observers are better than one. If you observe that your student is having difficulties with the CHAMP course over a period of more than a week, it might be a good idea to contact the CHAMP instructor and "compare notes." The instructor can often make individual suggestions that will help a particular student overcome certain types of issues. It is easier to overcome issues earlier rather than later.

First Academic Problem:

Many CHAMP students have never had academic issues in school before, so they do not know how to cope with them or how to seek the help that might solve them. Parents can be very helpful to the student's performance by seeking out the help that the student may not realize (or be ready to admit) is needed. Due to the nature of a program like CHAMP, virtually all students encounter difficulties of one kind or another during the program. Learning to cope with and overcoming these difficulties is an important part of the learning experience. It is vital for students (and parents) to realize that learning how to find and use help effectively is an essential skill for long-term academic success.



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