contact information

Andy Flies, Ph.D.
School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
4-15, Hanson Institute Bld, City East
University of South Australia
Frome Road, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
Email: andyflies[@]
Email: Andrew.Flies[@]
Phone: +61(08) 822 3271

collaborators and links

Save the Tasmanian Devil
Emily S. Johnston (UniSA)
John Hayball (UniSA)
Kerrilyn Diener (University of Adelaide)
Greg Woods (UTas)
Sansom Institute for Health Research (UniSA)
Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior prgram
Kay E. Holekamp, Michigan State University
Jean I. Tsao, Michigan State University
Linda S. Mansfield, Michigan State University
Chris K. Grant, Custom Monoclonals International