On this page is a list of Web page links and resources that I have personally found very useful. They relate to adult education, adult learning, distance learning, technology, and other resources that I just plain like... If you have any Web sites you have found useful, please email me the URL and I will add them to this page. THANKS!


Using Learning Contracts in the Community College Classroom

Learning contracts provide an alternative for class assignments and encourage students to take an active role in the classroom.


Using the World Wide Web in a Community College Classroom: A Web Exploration Assignment (this link will be updated shortly)

A "how-to" article on developing a World Wide Web assignment for your class. An excellent way to familiarize your students with today's technology and encourage them to take an active role in the learning process.


Applying the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education

Here you will find Chickering and Gamson's Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education and how I apply these principles to my teaching. These principles are a must for anyone who teaches.


Faculty Guide to Using Electronic Resources in the Classroom: The Why and How of Using Computer Mediated Communications

This is a guide on how to integrate technology into your teaching. Topics covered include email, www, listserves, overcoming computer anxiety, and how computer mediated communications will work in your class. Includes an extensive bibliography.


Citing Electronic Resources: APA and MLA

This web site will give you information on how to cite electronic resources in both APA and MLA formats. If you cite articles or information from the Internet, WWW, or other electronic resources, this web page will give you the guidelines for doing so.


Using HTML: The Language of Web Pages

This Web page will give you information on how-to write web pages using HTML language.


Teaching and Learning in the Community College

An excellent resource for teaching and learning information.


Internet and World Wide Web Tutorials


Some Facts and Figures About Literacy in the United States

Here is some very startling information on literacy and illiteracy in the United States.


United States Supreme Court Decisions

This is a great resource if you would like to review Supreme Court Decisions such as Brown vs. Board of Education.

bullet Learn about the History and Use of the Internet

This site is published by Prof. Mary Ellen Guffey and teaches about the history and nature of the Internet, E-Mail, Gopher, mailing lists, and the World Wide Web, including the steps necessary for the creation of web pages.

bullet Educational Technology / International Society for Technology in Education
bullet Best Places to Live in America

Check out different cities in the United States for the cost of living, the cost of housing, etc. and you can also compare your current salary with what it would be equivalent to in other cities.

bullet Fortune Magazine

An online version of Fortune Magazine that containes the full text of all the articles.

bullet T.H.E. Journal

A journal dedicated to technology in higher education.

bullet Integrating Productivity Tools in Instruction -- Higher Education

This site is maintained by "On The Horizon." There are links to excellent articles on using technology in teaching.

bullet Journal of Computer Mediated Communication
bullet IPEDS Interactive Database

The IPEDS Interactive Database web page is at Arizona State University and allows you to access the 1993 Student Ethnic Group Representation Database and 1994-95 Faculty Group Database.

bullet The Learner Organization
bullet New Technology, Old Trap (full text article)
bullet Information on Grants and other funds at MSU
bullet Assessing and Presenting Qualitative Research

This web page is a syllabus for Ron Chenail's qualitative research course entitled, "Assessing and Presenting Research." At the end of the syllabus is a list of required readings and web page links to the full text of the articles. An excellent resource for those doing qualitative research.

bullet AskERIC Home Page
bullet MSU Libraries and ERIC

Includes links to the MSU library, the US Library of Congress, and other libraries around the country. Also has a link to ERIC, an excellent education resource.

bullet Job Postings at Michigan State University
bullet Bartlett's Book of Quotations
bullet Training & Development Tools You Can Use

This page is excellent... It has a wealth of great information on a variety of topics.

bullet "On the Horizon" Home Page

An online journal that includes information about future trends and issues affecting higher education.

bullet Critical Trends and Events Affecting the Future of Community Colleges

An excellent full text article on the critical trends, events, and issues that will affect community colleges as we enter the next century.

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