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Dr. Vera Bitsch, Agricultural Economics &
Agribusiness Management

Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
Michigan State University


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People at Work in Agriculture


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Vera’s Articles

Selected Scientific Publications

Selected Extension and Trade Journal Publications

Frequently Requested Presentations


Statistical Information

Census of Agriculture
Results from the 2007 Census of Agriculture; detailed statistical information agricultural production and expenses for the U.S., the states, and by counties

National Agricultural Statics Service
Quarterly agricultural wage and hour statistics for the U.S. and the states

National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS)
2001-2 data describe the demographic and employment profile of U.S. farm workers; according to the NAWS, 53 percent of the hired crop labor force lacked work authorization, down from 55 percent in 1999-2000

USDA: Agricultural Labor Information
Statistics and economic information on agricultural labor, including legislation and immigration issues


Favorite Links

National Ag Risk Education Library
Links to many articles and instruments for agricultural human resource management: click on Ag Risk Library (on the left-hand menue), click on Human (on the gray banner which opens on Production), click on Personnel Management (on the menu below)

Agricultural Labor Management
HRM site by Gregorio Billikopf, University of California, including the textbook “Labor Management in Ag,” extension articles, and links to other labor sites


More Links

HRM in Agriculture Sites

General HRM Sites


Course “Labor and Personnel Management in Agri-Food”

Short Syllabus

The full syllabus and class schedule, as well as, additional materials will be available for enrolled students through the ANGEL Course Management System



Labor Law Compliance

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Tips and Hints

Materials by MSU Extension, including:

  • Agricultural Employer Checklist (2 pages), updated September 2007
  • Labor laws and Michigan agriculture (12 pages), MSUE Bulletin E2966, revised June 2006.
  • List of available newsletters “Agricultural Labor Issues in Michigan
  • Links to MSUE, Telfarm, and MAES

Michigan Farm Bureau
Provides information on diverse farming issues;
Regulatory Compliance Assistance Program (RCAP)


Links to Information &
Compliance Sites

Michigan GOV Information and Compliance Sites

Federal GOV Information and Compliance Sites




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