Assistant Professor

Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
212 Agriculture Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1039
Phone: 517 353-2981, Fax: 517-432-1800
Email: aklesso@msu.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications
Biomass supply from alternative cellulosic crops and crop residues: A spacially explicit bioeconomic modeling approach
  (with S.M.Swinton,R. C.Izarralde,D. H. Manowitz and X. Zhang)
Climate Change and Vector-borne Diseases: An Economic Impact Analysis of Malaria in Africa
  (with M. Musumba,B. A. McCarl and X. Wu)
Red-light cameras at intersections: Estimating preferences using a stated choice model
  (with D. Shaw and L. Higgins)
Attributes affecting preferences for traffic safety camera programs
  (with D. Shaw and L. Higgins)

Working Papers
Can Dispersed Biomass Processing Protect the Environment and Cover the Bottom Line for Biofuel?
Biomass Supply from Alternative Cellulosic Crops and Crop Residues: A Preliminary Spatial Bioeconomic Modeling Approach
When is Inflation Harmful? A Semi-parametric Threshold Estimation Approach for the Franc Zone Countries in Africa
Bioenergy Production as an Opportunity for Economic Growth and Employment in West Africa: A Computable General Equilibrium Modeling Approach
Habitat Management to Enhance Natural Pest Control Ecosystem Services at the Landscape Scale: A Spatial Land Use Optimization Approach

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International Food Policy Research Institute
Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
US Department of Energy
US Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics
Food and Agriculture Organization
International Energy Agency
World Bank
International Monetary Fund
World Health Organization Statistics
Nation Master

Malaria and Climate Change in Africa
Bioenergy for Africa
Note on GAMS modeling(AEA-991)