Shelley Feldman

Paper: Social Development, Capabilities, and the Contradictions
of (Capitalist) Development

Professor Feldman is interested in state formation and nationalism, feminist epistemology and methods, political sociology, social inequalities, displacement and dislocation, and social movements. She employs poststructuralist and feminist analyses to examine processes of social reorganization and restructuring in Bangladesh and the US. Her current research explores questions of state formation and the rise of fundamentalist movements, processes of displacement and dislocation, emergent challenges to civil society and governance practices, as well as changing gender relations in the context of export processing zone (EPZ) production and micro-industrial expansion.

Department of Development Sociology
Cornell University
334 Warren Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

Telephone: +1 (607) 255-1680
Fax: +1 (607) 254-2896

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