Janice A. Beecher

Practioner Discussant

Janice A. Beecher is the Director of the Institute of Public Utilities (IPU) at Michigan State University and an adjunct member of MSU's Political Science Department. Dr. Beecher brings twenty years of experience in public utility regulation to the IPU and is responsible for Institute development, program management, and inter-disciplinary research in support of the IPU's mission of service to the regulatory community. The IPU is a not-for-profit, independent educational and research organization established in 1965. Its educational and research programs focus on the public utility network industries--electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, and water--and their regulation. The Institute's analytical approach is objective, integrative, and multi-disciplinary, informed by traditional and applied academic perspectives including economics, law, finance, accounting, communications, and public policy.

Director, Public Utilities Institute
Michigan State Univeristy
240 Nisbet Building
East Lansing, MI 48823

Telephone: +1 (517) 355-1876
Fax: +1 (517) 355-1854
Email: beecher@msu.edu


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