Sabina Alkire

Instrumental Freedoms and Human Capabilities

Sabina Alkire is an economist interested in the ongoing development of the capability approach initiated by Amartya Sen. Her publications include Valuing Freedoms: Sen’s Capability Approach and Poverty Reduction, as well as articles in philosophy and economics. Research interests include value judgements in economic decision-making, the conceptualization and measurement of individual agency freedoms (empowerment) particularly in South Asia, and further development of the capability approach by the academic, policy, and activist communities. Previously she has worked for the Commission on Human Security, coordinated the culture-poverty learning and research initiative at the World Bank, and developed participatory impact assessment methodologies with Oxfam and the Asia Foundation in Pakistan. She has a DPhil in Economics, an MSc in Economics for Development and an MPhil in Christian political ethics from Magdalen College, Oxford.

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