April 2001



List also available online: www.msu.edu/unit/fshn

Additional information about each award available from Linda Young room 201 GM Trout.


AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY POLICY FELLOWSHIPS (AAAS)-$48,000 to $50,000 stipends through a one-year assignment involving domestic and international science policy issues in the Congress and several executive branch agencies.  Applicants must have a PhD in any physical, biological, or social science, any field of engineering, or any relevant interdisciplinary field.  Application deadline: January.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED PERSONS (AARP) ANDRUS FOUNDATION GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS IN GERONTOLOGY-Three full-year fellowships at $15,000 each to doctoral students and five full-year scholarships at $7000 each to master’s students.  Student must already be enrolled in a gerontology or aging studies program and should be expected to enroll on a full-time basis during the period of AARP Andrus Foundation support.  Application deadline: February.

AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY (ACS)/AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY DIVISION (AGFD) GRADUATE CANDIDATE SYMPOSIUM-Travel expenses up to $1000 awarded to students to attend and present their research at the spring meeting of the ACS.  Additionally, an AGFD Graduate Research Awardee will be chosen among the symposium participants to receive a $750 cash award.  Application deadline: October.  

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION (AIN) GRADUATE STUDENT RESEARCH AWARDS-Awards of $500 to finalists and an additional $500 to winners available to pre-doctoral students with excellent research and communication skills.  Application deadline: November.

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION (AIN) PREDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS FOR STUDENTS IN NUTRITION RESEARCH-$5000 award available to pre-doctoral students involved in nutrition research.  Significance, feasibility, communication and clarity, as well as overall scientific technical quality of the proposal will be evaluated.  Application deadline: December.

AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES (ASNS) PREDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP-$5000 award available to those who are enrolled in a program listed in the ASNS Directory of Graduate Programs in Nutritional Sciences.  Your proposal will be evaluated on significance, feasibility, communication and clarity, as well as overall scientific technical quality.  Application deadline: December.

BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF MICHIGAN FOUNDATION (BCBSMF) EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH AWARD FOR STUDENTS-Awards ranging from $500-$1000 available for doctoral candidates or medical students enrolled in Michigan universities.  Nominations must be made by a faculty member at the student’s university.  Application deadline: February.

BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF MICHIGAN FOUNDATION (BCBSMF) STUDENT AWARD PROGRAM-$3000 one-year stipend available to all medical and doctoral-level students enrolled in Michigan universities.  The project must focus geographically on the state of Michigan and address quality of care, cost containment and/or access to care, or a major public health, medical, or health policy issue.  Application deadline: April.

CENTER FOR BIOLOGICAL MODELING GRADUATE RESEARCH AWARD-Awardees must be prospective graduate students must apply to any of the MSU departments or degree-granting graduate programs in areas related to the objectives of the CBM.  Application deadline: January.

CENTER FOR BIOLOGICAL MODELING POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH AWARD-Awarded to a prospective MSU faculty member willing to serve as a lead supervisor for the proposed project.  Prospective postdoctoral fellows will be eligible initially for two years of support through the CBM.  Application deadline: January.

CENTER FOR SCIENCE IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST (CSPI) NUTRITION ACTION FELLOWSHIP-$35,000 stipend awarded to an outstanding graduate with a PhD or M.D.to do a one year fellowship in nutrition or food-safety advocacy.  Applicants should have demonstrated interest in public-interest advocacy and nutrition science, food safety or health policy, as well as academic achievement and writing ability.  No closing date.

CHARALAMBOUS GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP IN FOOD CHEMISTRY-$2500 award available to beginning graduate students.  The student must have an outstanding and beginning graduate GPA and show promise of an excellent graduate research career.  Application deadline: February.

CHATEAUBRIAND FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM-Awards of $1800 for doctoral students and $2200 for post doctoral students available to those persons working towards their PhD in science or engineering, or if they have completed it in the last three years.  Candidates must be accepted by a French laboratory in order to be eligible for this fellowship program.  Application deadline: December.

CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL OF MICHIGAN PEDIATRIC NUTRITION FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM-$500/month stipend offered to a Registered or Registration eligible Dietitians whose current employment or employment goals involve pediatric nutrition intervention or education in a clinical or community/public health occupation.  The program is 14 weeks in length and is designed to educate clinical and community nutrition practitioners in various aspects of normal and therapeutic pediatric nutrition.  Application deadline: April.

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES (CANR) DISSERTATION COMPLETION FELLOWSHIP-Award which allows students to devote full time to writing their dissertation, with the goal that the dissertation will be completed in Spring or Summer of the immediate following year.  Student’s overall academic record, the dissertation proposal, and the status of the dissertation writing will all be considered.  Preference will be given to students without other financial support for dissertation writing.  Application deadline: November.

CORNELL DEAN’S FELLOWSHIP IN THE HISTORY OF HOME ECONOMICS AND HUMAN NUTRITION-$3500 award available for a summer or sabbatical residency of six weeks.  Preference will be given to scholars in more advanced stages of a research project, but younger scholars are encouraged to apply.  Application deadline: April.

DANNON INSTITUTE PREDOCTORAL NUTRITION FELLOWSHIP-$32,000 stipend plus $5000 in additional funds awarded to student to present research findings at a relevant national or international conference.  Research should be done in either interdisciplinary nutrition or children’s research.  Application deadline: May and December.

THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE NATIONAL DEFENSE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM-$19,500 awards available for students at or near the beginning of their graduate study in science or engineering.  Preference will be given to applicants who indicate an intention to pursue a doctoral degree in, or closely related to, many specialties including Biosciences and Toxicology.  Application deadline: January.

THE LEROY AND DOROTHY DUGAN FOOD CHEMISTRY FELLOWSHIP-Award given to graduate students in Food Science specializing in the field of food chemistry (especially lipid chemistry) with support given to U.S. citizens who have demonstrated progress in their research and academic programs.  Application deadline: February.

THE FOOD SCIENCE AND HUMAN NUTRITION GRADUATE STUDENT TEACHING AWARD ENDOWED IN HONOR OF LAWRENCE E. DAWSON, LAURENCE G. HARMON AND GILBERT A. LEVEILLE-$1000 award given to a full-time graduate student in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, who has completed at least one year of graduate study, including a formal teaching assignment, is in “good academic standing”, and who has participated in graduate teaching activities and demonstrated teaching proficiency, including distinguished teaching performance characterized by creativity, initiative, and a zeal for a student’s learning.  Must be supported by letters from two faculty familiar with the teaching experience of the applicant.  Application deadline: February.

FORD FOUNDATION DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPS FOR MINORITIES-Twenty-nine one-year dissertation fellowships with a stipend of $24,500 each awarded to members of ethnic minority groups.  Dissertation fellowships are intended for students in their final year of dissertation writing who are in research-based doctoral programs, and who intend to pursue an academic career in teaching and research in the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Engineering.  Application deadline: November.

FORD FOUNDATION POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS FOR MINORITIES-Thirty one-year fellowships with awards of $35,000 and $7500 travel allowances each to members of ethnic minority groups.  This fellowship allows recipients to engage in a year of postdoctoral research and scholarship in an environment free from the interference of their normal professional responsibilities.  Only those individuals already engaged in a teaching and research career, or those planning such a career are eligible to apply. Fields eligible for support include the behavioral and social sciences, humanities, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences and life sciences.  Application deadline: January.

FORD FOUNDATION PREDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS FOR MINORITIES-Sixty three-year $15,500 stipends and annual allowances of $8500 awarded to members of ethnic minority groups.  Awards will be made for study in research-based doctoral programs in selected academic disciplines that will lead to careers in teaching and research at t he university or college level.  Fields eligible for support include the behavioral and social sciences, humanities, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences and life sciences.  Applicants must be near the beginning of study toward a PhD or ScD degree.  Must have taken the GRE to apply.  Application deadline: November.

GANDHI FELLOWSHIP-At least one M.S. stipend of $13,000 for two years and two PhD stipends of $16,500/year for 3 years.  The scholarship will be awarded to outstanding PhD and MS students wishing to work in the area of meat science, dairy science, sensory testing, public health, nutritional epidemiology, nutritional biotechnology or dietetics.  Applicants must have a BS degree, PhD applicants must have an MS or a previous peer reviewed publication in a closely related area.  Application to the Graduate School is required for consideration.  Application deadline: June.

GERBER FOUNDATION ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP IN PEDIATRIC NUTRITION AND FOOD SCIENCE-$1000 award to PhD graduate student in nutrition and food science actively engaged in research relevant to nutrition and food science with emphasis on pediatrics.  Must demonstrate academic excellence.  Application deadline: February.

GRADUATE SCHOOL INCENTIVE FELLOWSHIP-One $9000 fellowship will be awarded to a currently enrolled MSU graduate student who applies for, but does not receive, an externally-funded fellowship.  In addition, $100 will be awarded for each viable proposal submitted.  Application deadline: December.

KATHERINE HART, PEARL ALDRICH, GRACE MILLER, AND JEAN MCFADDEN (HAMM) SCHOLARSHIP-$1000 award available to a graduate student who is in good academic standing and enrolled in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at MSU.  Preference will be given to U.S. Citizens who are graduate students with a commitment to the professional areas of Foodservice Management and/or Dietetics even though her/his graduate degree will be in Nutrition or Food Sciences.  Application deadline: February. 

HUMAN ECOLOGY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OUTSTANDING ALUMNI AWARD-Nominee must be an MSU College of Human Ecology alumnus (undergraduate or graduate) who is currently not a faculty member at MSU.  The nominee must have made outstanding contributions through professional service in some area of home economics/human ecology through the improvement of individual and family life.  Nominee must also show high personal integrity and character.  Nomination deadline: April.

HUMAN ECOLOGY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION HONORARY MEMBERSHIP AWARD-Nominee must not be an alumni of MSU’s College of Human Ecology.  He/she must show evidence of outstanding contributions of service and talents to the College and to the profession of home economics/human ecology.  Nomination deadline: April.

HUMAN ECOLOGY DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPS-Human Ecology doctoral students who have a committee approved proposal may qualify for one of these fellowships.  Application deadline: October.

INSTITUTE OF FOOD TECHNOLOGISTS (IFT) CONGRESSIONAL SCIENCE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM-$43,000 stipend and $2000 relocation allowance awarded to an applicant who has a PhD or equivalent in food science and technology or related field and  is an IFT member.  The Fellow will spend one year working for a member of Congress or a Congressional committee and has the opportunity to share scientific perspective on food and agricultural issues with Congressional members and staff directly responsible for science and food policy.  Application deadline: January.

KAPPA OMICRON NU ADVISOR’S FELLOWSHIP-One $4000 award and sixteen $250 awards available to current active advisers of KON with at least a two year commitment as adviser after Conclave.  No application deadline, applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

KAPPA OMICRON NU DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS-Two $2000 awards available to active members of KON.  Applicant must be enrolled and have shown progress in a doctoral program in home economics or one of the specializations in a university that has a strong research program with supporting disciplines in the area of research interest.  The applicant must also have demonstrated ability in graduate study and interest and competence in research. Application deadline: January.

APPA OMICRON NU MASTER’S FELLOWSHIP-Two $2000 endowments available to an active member of KON who is also a student enrolled in a master’s program in home economics or one of the specializations in a university that has a strong research program with supporting disciplines in the area of research interest.   Applicant must have a demonstrated scholarship and interest in research, and the relevance of study and/or research is related to home and family.  Application deadline: April.

KAPPA OMICRON NU RESEARCH/PROJECT-Awards of $3000 and $1000 each available for proposals that meet the criteria of the KON research agenda.  Cross-specialization and integrative research is the research priority for the honor society.  Application deadline: February.

JOHN HARVEY KELLOGG ENDOWED PROGRAM IN HUMAN NUTRITION AND HEALTH-One part-time assistantship available for students in Community Nutrition and/or Biochemical Nutrition.  Geared toward PhD students in the advanced stages of their degree program.  These students must be actively engaged in research.  Application deadline: December.

ERLAND KONDRUP FELLOWSHIP-$500 award given to a full-time masters or doctoral student in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition with preference give to students who declare interest in dairy processing or dairy chemistry.  Award is given to enrich the graduate experience and encourage professional involvement (travel reimbursement and research expenditures).  Application deadline: February.

OLAF AND CLARICE MICKELSEN HUMAN NUTRITION ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP-$500 award with preference given to graduate students working in the area of Human Nutrition and majoring in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.  Undergraduate students enrolled in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics who are engaged in research may be considered.  Application deadline: February.

NATIONAL MILK PRODUCERS FEDERATION (NMPF) NATIONAL DAIRY LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM -Two $2000 scholarships and one $3000 scholarship available to graduate students currently enrolled in a graduate program, actively pursuing dairy-related fields of research that will directly benefit milk marketing cooperatives and the US dairy industry.  Application deadline: May.

NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION (NSF) GRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS-$16,800one-year stipend; cost-of-education allowance of $10,500/year; and a $1000 International Research Travel Allowance.  Fellowships are intended for individuals who are in the early stages of their graduate study in science, mathematics, or engineering.  Application deadline: November.

OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE (OSI) COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM-$48,750 stipend offered for a term of 18 months to create a public interest project in any social issue area.  Applicants may come from any field, such as education, law, the arts, public service and health.   Individuals from later stages of their professional careers, as well as recent graduates, are encouraged to apply.  Application deadline: March.

RATH FOUNDATION GRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS-$10,000 fellowship available to MS or PhD candidates.  Recipients selected on the basis of academic performance, commitment to a career in the dairy or food industries, and evidence of leadership ability, initiative, character and integrity.  Application deadline: August.

LOIS GORDON RIDLEY ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP/FELLOWSHIP-Award available to students enrolled as graduates or undergraduates in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.  Undergraduates must have achieved junior level status and there is preference for all applicants demonstrating financial need.  Application deadline: February.

BETTY SHAW SCHOLARSHIP-Award is given to one- masters student in each department of the college.  Recipient is selected by the department, however award is administered by the college.  Nomination only, no need to apply.

THE RACHEL A. SCHEMMEL GRADUATE STUDENT ENDOWED RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIP-$500 award given to a graduate student in Nutrition, or to a graduate student in Food Science who has received a previous degree in Nutrition or Dietetics.  Must have completed at least one semester of graduate study and submitted with the application one of the following: (a) an approved dissertation or thesis proposal; (b) a research paper published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or (c) a research progress report done for funding purposes, annual review or for the purpose of applying for this scholarship.  Application deadline: February.

ROBERT D. WATKINS MINORITY GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MICROBIOLOGY (ASM)-$15,000 award per annum available to candidates who are formally admitted and have successfully completed the first year as a doctoral candidate in the microbiological sciences.  Candidates must also be a member of an underrepresented minority group in the sciences and be a student member of ASM and mentored by an ASM member.  Application deadline: May.

DONALD A. WITHYCOMBE GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP IN FOOD CHEMISTRY-$2500 award available for beginning graduate students who have outstanding and beginning graduate GPAs.   Candidates must also show promise of an excellent graduate research career.  Application deadline: February.

UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (USDA) NATIONAL NEEDS DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS IN HUMAN NUTRITION-$17,000 available to three BS or MS candidates in Nutrition or related areas.  Must have a GPA of 3.5/4.0 in last 2 years and GRE scores $1700.  Preference will be given to students with research experience or other exemplary accomplishments in academia or industry.   

 Scholarship/Fellowship information also available online: www.msu.edu/unit/fshn


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