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Test Taking Strategies

An Adviser's Top Three Suggestions

Help on Campus

The Learning Resources Center will meet with students individually to help in this area.

Your instructor is an excellent source of help; after all it is s/he who wrote the test! If you have problems understanding the questions or difficulty expressing your knowledge of the material, see your instructor immediately and definitely before taking another exam in that class. If your instructor offers a help session or review session before a test, GO TO IT!

Another good test taking tip is to review previous tests given in that class and by that professor. Ask your instructor if and where previous tests are available for review. Knowing what to expect on a test and how to prepare is half the battle.

An additional tip is to study with students who are good test takers. Emulate their study methods and ask them about their successful test-taking strategies.

Help on the Web

The CalREN Project Study Tips

Bookmark this site which is an excellent source of study tips. Click on the entries for Taking Tests: General Tips, Essay Tests, Problem-Solving Tests, and Objective Tests for very comprehensive coverage on these types of tests.

Test Taking Strategies

Good information that addresses the specifics of True/False, Multiple Choice, Matching, Fill in the Blank and Essay Questions.

Idea Sheets

Utah State University has a number of helpful links. Check out all the entries under test taking for excellent tips on taking different types of exams, analyzing returned exams, cramming and dealing with test anxiety.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

This link will take you to the Study Guides and Strategies website that covers ways to build test-taking confidence and reduce test anxiety. Additional links on dealing with test anxiety are at the bottom of the page.

Fighting Test Anxiety

This link will download the pamphet "Fighting Test Anxiety", created by Carnegie Mellon University, that reviews the causes of test anxiety and identifies ways that you can control it.

More Web Sites Dealing with Test Anxiety

Visit this website to find additional resources on ways to overcome test anxiety.